Saturday, September 13, 2014

Out with the Old and In with the New

I survived shoe shopping!  One of my girls friends is the fashion industry and she assisted me this weekend in picking out my new shoes.  I like different, but never venture far from my comfort zone with shoes.  My friend and I have two very different styles of shopping.  I like to skim the shelves and look for the normal styles I like.  She is a digger trying on every shoe that catches her eye, with an efficiency of a shopping ninja.  I roamed the store and found two embarrassingly similar styles of black shoes and couldn't decide on which I would take home. So I asked my friend for help in making the decision. "Amber, you need to do some more looking, and try some more shoes," she advised.  I held up an orange pair of ballet flats that I had been flirting with each time I walked by.  "I like these, but really when would I wear them?"  I asked. She answered,  "All the time! Orange is the a hot color this season."  She continued guide

me with her fashion insider tips.  I loved the shoes, despite the impractical color, and was excited to hear how they would enhance my style.  Now with the mold broken I thought I should run through the clearance one more time looking for anything I might wear.  On one of the shelves was a mustard colored pair and my mind thought back to the pair I had recently broken and need to be replaced.  Score!  I am excited to sport my new shoes this week!

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