Sunday, January 15, 2017

Taking Advantage of a Cozy Day In

The weathermen were wrong again, but I am not fussing about it.  Church was canceled because of the ice storm, so we decided to make it an official day of rest.  When I looked at my phone this morning and saw that our church canceled service, I turned my snooze off and closed my eyes for an extended sleep!  I was in a dark room snuggled in my heated bed.  It didn't take long to fall back asleep.  I woke to an amazing smell of cinnamon and vanilla.  Matt had made gluten free oatmeal bake.  He had let me sleep until eleven, and invited me to join the family for brunch.
After brunch I lounged around the house in my PJs, caught up on some household projects, and even took a nap.  Oh I needed it and it felt good. So I have no guilt in mid-day napping, even after sleeping in till eleven.
The quiet day ended with highlights of family game time as the Chiefs kicked off their last game, (bummed about their loss.) But super thankful for the time with family.
Day Fifteen  of Gratitude Challenge.

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