Sunday, May 3, 2015

Dumpster Diver's Delight

I am  a sucker for discarded items on the side of the road.  I guess you can say I find a lot of truth in that old saying, "one man's trash is another's treasure." My garage is starting to fill with little tables, chairs and more treasures awaiting a chalk paint make over.  I found this little book shelf on the side of the road in my neighborhood.  It was in pretty rough shape, but I imagined in as a distressed white picket fence.
In the past I had spent hours sanding finishes off in order to prime a surface for traditional paint. Recently, I found a new best friend called chalk paint. It allows you to paint over nearly any finish without sanding or priming. Oh yeah this girl loves short cuts!! Chalk paint isn't new or hard to make, but is easy to use. I had purchased some from a local shop called The Chalk Studio.   I can't wait to try out a few recipes, but am always happy to find some quick go to colors on the shelves at the Chalk Studio. I chose a color that was a white with a gray undertone called Shadow for the main color.  I brushed it onto the shelves with random brush strokes making sure that every inch was covered.  I had to work fast because the paint dries quickly.  Once the bookshelf was completely coated in the shadow white. I dry brushed a sage green in random places.  Then dry brushing some shadow white over the green to blend it in.
 Once the entire shelf was painted, I used a block of fine grit sandpaper to distress the corners and edges.  Lastly, I used a stain colored wax to seal the paint and add an aged appearance to the finish.  It also accentuates the distressed characteristics of the piece.  When using a wax with a stain I like to use a rubber glove to protect my fingers from being tinted.  Some people apply the wax with a brush, but I chose to use a cotton cloth to apply and buff the wax on the bookshelf. Just like Mr. Miyagi would say, "Wax on, Wax off." Adi loved her hew bookshelf and I love the way it fits the garden theme in her bedroom.


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