Amber Kaspar is lively and animated speaker that loves to share her small portion of God's Big Story.   A firm believer that nothing is wasted, or too far for God to redeem Amber loves sharing her experiences in humble and vulnerable ways to illustrate God's restoring power.  It is her desire to bring God glory through hope filled words of encouragement to young moms.

Topics You Might want to hear about:

How I Ended My Unhappy Marriage- I share my story and how my choices changed my perspective, and I share practical tips on how to be intentional in your marriage, and get your happy back.
Avoid the Comparison Trap- embracing your mommy style, and not comparing yourself to other moms.
Beyond the Baby Blues-  My story of overcoming post partum depression and the part a community of praying women played in it.  I share some practical ways to support a friend going through those baby blues.
Overcoming Ugly Mommy Moments- We have all asked the question “am I messing up my kids?”  The answer is yes but there's hope: God can make something beautiful out of the ugly. 
Finding Time to Be Still in our Fast Paced World- I am a recovering overcommitment addict.  I share how slowing my life’s pace has helped me be more intentional and available for my primary ministry: my family and home!

Amber is currently booking speaking engagements for the spring semester of 2017.

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