Friday, September 5, 2014

School Information Overload

Are the school papers already piling up on your counter tops?  We are one week into the school year and my "Mommy this needs to be read, sorted, or filled out and returned pile" is already making a home on my kitchen counter tops!  Last year the steady flow of information was manageable, but I only had one school aged child, now I have two.  Double the fun and double the paper intake!!

Don't get me wrong, I am very please with the communication from the girl's teachers. I just need to find a way to keep it all organized.  We have a family information binder for important documents, schedules and other items we may need to refer to, periodically, but not on a daily basis.  I have an amazing Pinterest worthy  calendar hanging in my kitchen
but that does me no good with piles of paper.  I even have a great little file system, but I have found that when the items are out of site, they are out of mind. If you have found yourself in a similar situation here are some suggestions for managing the confetti colored news letters, bulletins, permission slips, and more:

1. Go through your child's take home folder while he or she is doing homework.
2.  File important papers in a child specific folder, but clear in once a week of outdated documents.
3. Keep the recycle bin near by. Record special events and dates in your family calendar, then toss the papers.

My mission for this upcoming weekend is to create a system that is practical and repeatable.  To all you amazing teachers, thank you for the hours your spend creating the take home communication papers.  We appreciate you and the investment you make in our children's lives!

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