Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Those are such big steps

She did it; she stretched out her arms, grabbed the railing, and bounced onto the school bus this morning. The only tears were in my eyes, those of a mommy watching her youngest pearl eagerly waiting the arrival of the yellow school bus.  My heart melted as I wanted to cling to her and she to me, with a secret hope that she would want to stay one more year at home with mommy.  Instead as I knelt down she gently touched my cheek with her soft sweet hand and assured me, "Don't worry mommy. I will miss you."   Though my heart sank with the end of one season, and it celebrated the confidence of five year old little girl ready to take on the world of kindergarten, but not before she comforted her mommy.  I have prayed that God would bless her with strength, dignity, and confidence, and His measure of blessing has exceeded my expectations.

I am inspired by her confidence to take on challenges and to not let the world dictate to her who she is or will become. More so, I am thankful that she rejected my influences to hold on to one season and move boldly into the next.  She takes each day for what it is and passionately pursues her goals, not accepting the limits around her.  I wonder sometimes if maybe I looked at my day through her eyes would I make different choices.  Could I really take on the day with a child like faith, that allowed me access to a confidence that is readily available to me?  If so, what would be the impact of my life for the Kingdom of God?

I was eager to hear how her first day of school went, so I waited for the school bus to drop her off at the end of the day.  I couldn't help but chuckle when I heard she had made herself at home in the back of the bus, a section reserved for sixth graders.  In her mind, she is just as big as they are, and though she is the smallest on the bus, I have no doubt her ambitious heart is the biggest!


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