Monday, February 16, 2015

My Christmas tree is still up?

The beautiful nine foot Christmas tree is STILL erected in my living room.  The bottom six feet are bare and the top three feet are full of decor!  Keep in mind I am only 5'1" and can't really reach the top without a ladder.  When I think to get one, I am always distracted by another project.  The nearly naked tree is the perfect representation of my life over the past seven months.  I have been stretched in every direction over committing myself, which has left me unable to completely dedicate my full attention to any one task at a time. If you ventured through my home today, you would find piles of half done paperwork and nearly finished chores.  Though the past seven months have been an extreme example of my bad habit of over commitment.  Several years ago a good friend of mine told me that I was a super woman, but not Super Woman.  I knew that she was gently trying to tell me to slow down and refocus on the important things in my life. Here I am almost a decade later and her words are echoing in my mind. Again, I have found myself in need of some simplification.  While I was over extended, I have let the home fill with clutter, and now I must get it under control.  It is in times like this that I would like to through all the mess in a big bonfire in the backyard and start over.  But that is not going to happen, one because it is against the law and two if I did we'd be without a few necessities. I dream of organizational flow charts that keep me and my family working as an efficient team.  However, Pinterist images of neatly stacked containers filled with washed fruits and vegetables in a fingerprint free stainless steel refrigerator, hunt me at times like this.  I am not in the pursuit of perfection, just simplicity and efficiency.  Realistically, an organized home is attainable but it is going to have to happen one room at a time.  Today, I will focus on the living room and the almost bare Christmas tree.

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