Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Life is a Highway

Fully trusting God isn't an easy thing to do.  My pride often fools me into believing that my timing is better than God's.  Like Sarah in Genesis, I know that there is a promise of good for my future, but I struggle to do things my way instead of God's.  This compulsive need to be in control hinders my ability to see His divine plan unfold as it should.  God has marked my path so why do I choose to go my own way.  It is like setting my GPS but failing to heed its directions. There have been many u-turns because of my intuition, and poor since of direction.  A calm voice simply says  "Recalculating..." and before I know it a new path is routed for me. My journey becomes a little longer but my destination stays constant.  
I wish I could say that my faith was different than my navigational skills but its not.  God's Word is a road map for my life, He is the ultimate navigator. Sometimes He says take the slow back roads but I want to take the interstate. Though faster is not always better.  When I was much younger I used to drive with the radio blaring, testing the boundaries of the posted speed limits.  I considered them mere suggestions, until I was pulled over by a traffic officer.  I tried to excuse my disregard for the law by explaining that I was running late for work. "You'd have gotten there faster if you didn't have to wait for me to write this ticket" he commented as I handed him my licence and registration. The officer was right had I followed the rules, I would have gotten to work a few minutes late, but without a traffic violation to explain to my parents.  My driving has improved as I matured and I try hard to yield to the speed limits. Though, I will confess sometimes I will get all caught up in a worship song and get a little heavy footed.  Time has also helped my faith grow stronger and the backboards more desirable. There are still times when I jump on the highway.  This usually happens when I am distracted by the fast pace of our rushing society.  On the highway I often miss opportunities to stop and reflect on the directions.  Thankfully, the Holy Spirit within me to calmly whispers recalculating, and gently instructs me back to the path I was meant to travel.    

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