Monday, April 20, 2015

No More Sticky Raisins

Sticky raisins make sticky fingers, and sticky fingers make sticky messes!  My girls love raisins, but not the way their fingers were all sticky after eating them.  For a while we avoided snacking on them until a friend shared some dry dates with me.  I noticed they had been coated with a light dusting of flour and thought about our raisin problem.  Four was a great solution to our sticky situation!

It really doesn't take very much flour to coat 20 oz of raisins.  We start with a little less than a quarter cup of flour.  I use organic coconut flour.  It is gluten free and has a subtle flavor that compliments the raisins. You can use any flour you have available. First mix the flour with one cup of raisins at a time getting them well coated. Sift out the extra flour. Pour the raisins into a class jar for storage. Repeat these steps until all the raisins are coated.  You will have plenty of flour left.  Place it in a small jar or baggie for the next round of raisin coating or use it for baking right after your done.

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