Friday, March 4, 2016

Thanks for holding my hair Mom.

"Mom, I think I threw up..." Those were the words that woke me up 12:06 AM this past Tue.  My girls had snuggled up in my bed as they usually do when my husband is traveling for work.  Sure enough I turned the light on and with out all the gross details, it was everywhere. Throw up is my mommy kryptonite, I some how made it through the compulsive gagging and began praying. This sucked, I really didn't want to be the only parent home tonight. One of my girls was sick, and the other covered in her reversal of fortune.  I didn't even know where to begin, but prayer was my only guard against the selfish "why me?" and getting through the clean up.  Prayer instantly positioned me for gratitude, and then lead me to a place of compassion. I have had a friend whose husband was deployed for over a year and knew she had nights just like these. Then my heart dropped for a dear friend who had lost her husband less than a year ago.  She has often told me it is the nights that are the hardest. I couldn't even imagine a night like this. I was thankful that I could at least call my husband the next morning and ask for prayer.
Adi woke nearly every hour and I did as well to hold her hair back and play the role of nurse mom for the next twenty four hours. My bouncy bubbly six and a half year old was like a lifeless doll. She couldn't even keep fluids down, and I began to worry. But before I went too far down that path I spotted the pink post it notes she had neglected to put away after playing with them the day before.
Lately, she has been leaving a lot of her things out of place, her focus at school has been lacking, and has even began throwing passionate fits.  Irritated would would be an understatement in discribing my feelings about these behaviors.  Now those pink post it notes were a reminder of her chronic disobedience but also to me that I had committed to praying for her.  You see, I am a post it note prayer. I often write prayer requests on post its and stick the in various places around the house.  Sometimes it is a just name, sometimes there are specifics, but they catch my eye and remind me to pray.
I had started this battle strong, but after long hours and little sleep, I was forgetting my strongest ally.  I began to pray and God helped me remember how much joy Adi's spunky personality brings me.  That He is sovereign in every situation, even using Adi's over site to encourage me to pray. 
So I did. We made it through the night, and when Adi woke bouncing and playful, I was again, very great full.  Today my sweet Olive was struck by the same virus and we have chosen an active prayer attack.  She has hugged the toilet a few times and as a scurried down the hall to hold her hair back I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. The sound of my steps and my body language reminded me of my mom, when I was sick. It was a I have become my mother moment, but in a good way. When I was sick, she would scurry in hold my hair and rub my back. 
Tonight I am the hair holding, back rubbing, nurse mom on the night watch. I am ready to battle this illness with prayer. Prayer for healing and prayers of gratitude.  I thank God for a loving mom; thank you mom for being the type of mom who rubbed my back and held my hair; thank you for training me to be a good mom through your actions. 

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