Thursday, September 8, 2016

Steadfast in the Change

It seems as though we are getting good at moving.  We have spent the last nine months in transition and we have done it without internet!!  So I have been a little distant from the blog.  I know some of you are freaking out as you read those last few sentences, not because of my internet absence but rather the idea of not having internet!!  It has been a challenge, but also a huge blessing.  I have spent more time reading actual books (ya know the paper kind) and interacting with people face to face!! Without lightning speed internet my life has slowed down and I have found myself in that season I dreamed of in my post last year.

SO here is the catch up:  Last November we completed the long process to become foster parents, only to find out that we'd be moving to another state.  This meant that we would have to start the process all over again, and we have.  We spent the better part of the winter decluttering and staging our home to sell it.  We put it on the market in April and it sold in a day.  Ok, but then we had to find a home in another state, without internet.  Deep breath.  Matt my husband found us a home and in our new state and showed it to me over FaceTime.  Take another deep breath, he place a contract on it without me stepping foot in it.  The control freak in me still can't believe this, or what is more unbelievable was that I was ok with it!  Months later I am still in awe of the blessing our new home is and can't wait to meet my son and show him his very own room!

The more change the better!  So we decided to homeschool this year and there will be more about that in the post to come!!!  I hope to post more whenever we get internet; we are waiting on Google Fiber! That's right 0 to 100 mbps in who knows when!

For now I will e working on those face to face friendship making and book reading.  Currently I am reading The Best Yes by New York Best Seller Lysa TerKerurst. One of my hopes is to get better at scripture memory.  I have chosen one of the verses in the study guide that corresponds with the book.

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