Friday, September 30, 2016

Fun Can't Wait For Tomorrow

It doesn't  matter how busy I actually am. There never seems to be enough hours in my day. I will just have to put it off till tomorrow.
Whether I have ten or two things on my daily list, I have a hard time being motivated to complete them.  What isn't finished today should get done tomorrow.

I function better with a visible list, but creating that list is often a task I am not motivated to do. I will make one tomorrow.

I plan on doing better tomorrow!   

The truth is that today is important and many things on my to do list aren't as important as others.  Sure I could have the tidiest house, or most fit body, those things are good, but choose other things like experiences with my kids.  I once asked my mom how she thought that my kids would remember me when I pass.  She replied, "You always make things fun, you're the fun mom!"  Inside I beaned, did a happy dance in my head.  "Oh yeah I am the fun mom.  I am not the tidy mom, the organized mom, nor even the cool mom, but I am the fun mom."  

So today I will enjoy being the fun mom.  I am headed out for a bike ride the piles of books and office supplies stretch across my dining room can wait till I get back or organizing can resume tomorrow.


  1. I love this! I strive to be the fun mom...It's so important to remember to be in the now and just have FUN..they are only this age once. It goes by way too fast!

  2. My MKE Mommy You are truly a fun Mom. You are an inspiration for fun and saving!!!