Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rainy Day Rehab

Today the rain ruined my plans, but I am very happy it did.  I had a fun morning planned hanging out at the park with a great kiddo and his mama.  Our adventure had to be rescheduled due to dark gray stormy clouds.  I had a couple errands to run so I detoured and found myself around the corner from my favorite store, the Goodwill!  I rarely shop this side of town and with a few extra minutes to spare I couldn't resist.  I braved the rain and dashed in.  I like to start on one end of the store and work my way down every aisle glancing at the shelves. I love nick knacks and trinkets to decorate the bookshelves in my home.  Lately I have found myself gravitating to the furniture section.  Today as my hunt neared an end I discovered a small wooden table stuffed in the corner.  It was short and stubby, maybe that is why it caught my eye.  I sympathize with short and stubby, but it seemed old too.  Its thick legs and rustic appeal drew me in.  I could see that someone had deeply scared the top by scribbling with a red pen. Old, scared and worn have so much potential in my book.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but I had bring it home.
I added it to the collection of furniture finds and other projects in my garage, and headed in for lunch and some work.  My computer however didn't want to cooperate today.  It kept overheating and freezing during some serious Photoshop applications.  My frustration began to mound so I decided to clear my head with some fresh air.  Oh yeah it was raining outside, well out to the garage then.  There in the middle of the floor sat that short frumpy table looking about as worn as I was feeling.  That table top is going to need some serious sanding to smooth those deep puncture wounds and then a coat of paint.  I pulled out the hand sander and began rubbing down the crevasse till they were nearly smooth.  Next I pulled out my faithful Chalk Paint.  It is super easy to make and use.

Now I had a cute table with a gray top, but I wasn't sure I loved it yet.  It was too cute to leave so plain.  It needed something but what.  Stencils or decoupage were suggested by my restoration guru, and fellow junk junky, my mom. I didn't have any of either, and because I am not patient I wanted a solution that wouldn't require leaving the house and spending more money.  I designed what I wanted on the table top and printed it off.  Next a drew with pencil all over the back of the design. When there is a good covering on the back of the desired design I flipped it over and centered it on the table. By firmly tracing the word on the paper will leave a small impression that you can paint over. Once the whole stencil has been traced, you can begin painting the letters. Finally scuff it up and seal it with some wax!

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