Thursday, May 7, 2015

National Day of Prayer

Dear God,
We are a broken, stiff necked people.  We can’t see passed our stuff and how we want to live.   We are embodied by definitions of success that matters not in your Eternal perspective.  We cling tightly to ideas and merchandise and ignore the scales that blind our eyes.  Consumption has displaced worship in our lives. Some will say this isn’t me, I go to church and give generously, but only for appearance do you deceive.  Because the flesh though wounded is resilient and covers our selfish intentions.  Dying one day is not enough because the flesh will continue to recover unless you die to the ultimate lover.  Your thirst can not be quenched and your hunger not satisfied, unless each day yourself has died.  We worry instead of warrioring, holding to promise but duty ignoring.  Open our eyes great God that we may see that it is from you we have our victory.  That dying daily brings forth life in promise but not without strife.  Help us understand you offer grace and affection and only through your death can we have resurrection. Today we are a nation on our knees and thank you for your Holy Spirit that carries our pleas.  Heavy weights we place on the shoulders of men, and forget that you died to call them forgiven.  Though there are many leaders to pray for, it is my heart for which I implore. Help me trust your sovereign hand to be the governor of the land of the free.  Because of your love Abba Father our position will be, One Nation under God truly free.  Thank you Jesus that this can be, that you look beyond what men can see.  You know what is good for us and have made it clear that we can boldly love without fear.  Make your presence known and fill our nation, shake our land so our hearts awaken. For we have wondered so very far, but that never changes who you are.  You are constantly and awaiting a stiff necked people’s repentance. In the place where we can throw off self sufficiency and replace it with complete dependency, is where our Nation will find its independence.  Your open arms offer true freedom for those who live for the eternal kingdom.  
Give us wisdom Lord because it is what we lack, we can see this as the nation’s bills stack. I pray that You give us the strength to be brave, to proclaim the good news that can save.  Brave enough to put others first, to offer water to those who thirst.  To see our blessings as gifts to be shared; oh how the world would be changed by a nation that cared. Give us eyes to see each man, woman and child as one created in your very image, understanding our actions toward them is your homage.  Strengthen us for the harvest is plenty, that we can share your love, leaving no cup empty.  Band our voices in these precious days, and our song be only of your praise.  Make Love be our only objective, the defining verb by which we live.  May your will be done in the land of the free, everyday more of you and less of me.


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