Sunday, November 6, 2016

Coffee and My Camera

Coffee!  Yes please!  In desperate need of an hour to myself and a good cup of joe, I set out for some mommy time this afternoon.  I was intent on finding a caffeinated oasis, and decided to check out the City Market Coffee.

Every mom deserves a coffee break, especially one that involves crafted swirls of steamed cream and awesome 90's music. Bravo on the Beve!

Today, I decided to find a little rest by taking a coffee break with my camera.  I found that a couple hours of enjoying two of my favorite hobbies was beyond relaxing.  It has been nearly a decade since I moved away from Kansas City and since I have photographed for my own enjoyment of art.  

My favorite shots of the day reminded to not forget to take note of the little things, and the value of a grander perspective.

I am excited to jump back into my hobby. Leave comment below and tell me a hobby you have neglecting because life is too busy to have hobbies.

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