Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fostering Creativity Through Homeschooling

There are days that I find homeschooling very challenging; I sometimes wonder if it is the best schooling choice for my children, but yesterday wasn't one of them.  I am so thankful we are able to foster individual thinking and creativity though homeschooling.  My children have different learning styles and they work at different paces.  Olive often stays focused and cruises through her daily assignments and Adi keeps up with her big sister in areas like Latin and art, but Olive usually finishes her core subjects quicker.  Her speedy scholastic skills results in more time for independent study or exploring hobbies.

Olive usually spends her extra time reading for fun, working ahead in her math book, Minecraft, making music.lys or drawing in her sketch book.  Recently, she was given an assignment by her cooperative finance teacher to make a craft to sell for class cash.  Carefully, she thought of an original idea for her contribution.  It needed to be tangible, homemade, and enough for multiple students to purchase.  The teacher had provided suggestions like baked goods or jewelry, but Olive decided to be think out side the box by creating hand drawn color sheets.  Her selection is an adorable reflection of her interests and displays her hidden talent of illustration.  She drew three different animals and made a few copies of each.

Drawing has been a passion of Olive's for many years.  She received accolades from her public school art teacher when we lived in Wisconsin.  The encouragement from that teacher has fostered her desire to sketch, drawn and color. Yesterday was one of those affirming days that homeschooling is the best choice for our family, because homeschooling has allowed her to work at her own pace and explore her creative intelligence in the extra time.

I believe that math, science, social studies, and language arts are very important.  But I also believe that the creative arts are often under appreciated and the first to go when schools cut budgets. Watching my children thrive in their core subjects and in the creative arts makes me a happy mama.

I have attached a link to her blog that will allow you to print off her hand drawn color sheets.  Please leave a comment to encourage her.  Positive words go a long way and are a precious currency!

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