Thursday, March 26, 2015

Big Hearts Come in Little Packages

It was the last game of the year. The whistle blew and play was stopped.  But my little Adi didn't hear, or chose not to hear, the whistle.  She scooped up the bouncing basketball and began dribbling in full sprint toward the hoop. With all her might she jumped, and with both feet off the ground she launched the ball.  Instantly a smile stretched across her face and she celebrated with victorious double fist pumps.  Her excitement made my heart to fill with pure joy.

Adi was the smallest girl in the whole league. To be honest my husband and I tried talking her out of playing basketball, and tried to convince her to cheer.  We had good intentions,  Adi is gifted in encouraging others, full of spunk, and cheerfully bounces through life's experiences. She is a tiny in size and the basketball seemed bigger than her.  But she was determined to play and so we signed her up.  We knew after her initial evaluation that this would be an interesting season.  She surprised us few times by stealing the ball (sometimes from her teammates)  and she even had three rebounds in one game.  Her cheerful team spirit rang though on and off the court.  Even while sitting on the bench she always was excited to be part of the team.  "Mom, Mom...Look at me!" would ring from the court side, and when she caught my eye, she'd wave enthusiastically.  She hadn't scored all year, in fact she hadn't even had an attempt.  Now it was the last game and she was determined to shoot the ball.  I was glad that the refs allowed the game to be paused for such a determined little player.  Even though the ball barely hit the net, the crowd cheered and she was elated!  I asked her later why she did the fist pumps that day and she responded, "because I shot the ball!"  Oh my sweet Adi, I am so inspired by your perspective and your bravery to reject the world's.  Adi's definition of victory isn't just about winning, to her victory is not being afraid to try. Such boldness from a tiny girl, but like David on the battle field she has the biggest heart.

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