Thursday, March 19, 2015

Feelin' a LIL SNARKY

I am hooked! The Perfectly Posh Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme Lil Snarky, is a new staple in my purse!  A couple months ago I sat across from a friend who offered me some hand cream.  Leary of undesired exposure to chemicals, I hesitated... Knowing my quirks she assured me that it was made by a company that uses products that are safe for consumers and for the environment.  In fact the company lists the ingredients of each product in the back of their catalog.  I couldn't stop thinking about the lotion that I had used that evening. After a month I reached out to her to see how I could get some of my own.  Lucky for me she sells it. So, I ordered my own and I am happy I did!

One mesmerizing use wasn't enough for me to endorse it just yet.  I wanted to know if it lived up to it's first impression during the gauntlet of mothering duties, work, play, and more.  So I agreed to do a FULL review of the product. I used the product everyday for the past week and found that the scent was pleasing without being overwhelming and my hands felt super soft.  I generally would reapply 1-2 times throughout the day.  One day I had left my Lil Snarky at home in a different purse.  I realized that my feeling of disappointment was proof of my new addiction.  
The Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream, Lil Snarky is made by a company called Perfectly Posh.  It is a direct sales company geared to empowering women and creating natural based products.  Their catalog is filled with super fun vintage pin-up style photographs and great tips for using their products.  I found myself creating a long wish list of foot scrubs, sea salt spray, body butters, detox masks and more.  Being a frugal (by marriage) shopper I was excited that all their products were under $25.  Then there was an added bonus, if you buy five products you get the sixth FREE.  Plus if you spend $100 then you receive FREE shipping.  Their products are free of any paraben or paraffins.  

Tip: These products would make great teacher gifts.  I know most of us wait till the end of the year, but now is a great time to encourage a teacher as we approach the home stretch to summer!

Product safety: I found that most of the ingredients were within my acceptable ranges for safety.  I usually look for ingredients with a score of 3 or less,   The Lil Snarky hand cream did have one ingredient that was scored at a 4.  After reviewing the ingredients and feeling how soft my hands felt it was a safe product to introduce into my lifestyle.

Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme, Lil Snarky Ingredients: (score given by the environmental working group: 0-2 low harard, 3-6 medium hazard, and 7-10 high hazard)
water (0), cetyl alcohol (1), stearic acid (0), glycerin (2), glyceryl stearate (0), PEG 100 stearate (3), dimethicone (3), fragrance (I have been told that they use high quality essential oils to give their product a scent: rating is unknown.), apricot kernel oil (0), trocopherol (1), sodium PCA (1) aloe barbadensis leaf juice (0), tocopheryl acetate (3), PEG-10 soya sterol (4), allantoin (0), xanthan gum (0), sodium stearoyl glutamate (1), ethylethanol (2), disodium EDTA (0), and citric acid (2).  

Want to try Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme, Lil Snarky? You can order it by clicking Perfectly Posh button bellow:

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