Sunday, March 1, 2015

Getting The Laundry Dough Down!

Earlier I had shared our families money saving tip by making our own laundry detergent, but there is one more way to cut your laundry costs.  (AND have a HEALTHIER home)  Instead of using dryer sheets we use 100% wool dryer balls.  The average name brand dryer sheet cost 3.7 cents per sheet and the wool balls either homemade or the Norwex, Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls range from $25- $30 per set and will last approximately 1000 loads.  At worst you are looking at 3 cents per load vs. 3.7 cents per load over 1000 loads that is a savings of $7.  Okay so that doesn't seem like much, but here are some other reasons to not use dryer sheets:
1. They are filled with harmful chemicals!!  TOXINS that fill your home with what I have to admit are my favorite smells, but are not good for you to breathe! They might smell better than smog but could still have similar impacts on your health.
2.  The chemicals that are in a dryer sheet are designed to melt in the dryer and adhere to the fibers of your clothing making them feel softer. So now all those chemicals are now sitting on your largest and most absorbent organ, your skin!!
3. Those chemicals meant for your clothes also coat your dryer, causing mechanical problems and even home fires. "Dryers and washing machines were involved in 1 out of every 22 home structure fires reported to U.S. fire departments in 2006-2010." 92% of these fires were caused by the dryer!

So that $7 in measurable savings looks pretty good when you factor in the immeasurable risks that could be accumulated by using the dryer sheets.

I took the easy path on this money saving tool and bought the Norwex  Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls.  But if you venture to make your own here is a link to instructions on how: Doterra Blog.  You can even have that great smelling laundry by using the pure essential oils.

Want to know how your Dryer sheets rate?  Check out

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