Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stressed out? I bet you don't smell like the forest.

In college I had taken a class on stress management.  It was very helpful, and really should be required for all students, but that is another topic for another time.  In that class I was taught several techniques on how to deal with stress in healthy ways.  One of my favorites was to calmly talk to a person, verbally walking them through a peaceful forest.  I never put much thought into why a forest.  It always seemed natural that it would be a stress free place, unless you were lost in the forest.  However, there are multiple reasons that the forest has calming effects,for instance: it is quiet and smells like trees!  Your sense of smell has powerful effects on your brain, and your olfactory nerves are closely tied to your memory. Since I have never been lost in the woods all my memories of being in a forest have been pleasant.  My memories of times in the forest are marked with smells of cedar trees.
Cedarwood ( Juniperus Virginiana), has become a staple in my daily routine.  I chose it for its dermal rejuvenating and acne fighting abilities.  I have mixed it with witch hazel to create a powerful acne eliminating toner.  I use it in the evening after I wash my face and before I moisturize.  A welcomed side effect is its soothing and calming effect that helps my overactive brain tune out the days ciaos.  I am able to relax and have quality sleep.  And SLEEP would be my love language, BONUS!
Even if you have never been to a forest Cedarwood's aromatic properties can still help your relax after a long day, reduce feelings of anxiety and calm a busy mind.  

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