Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Vacuum Princess Style

Playing pretend is one of my favorite past times.  My imagination could transform any situation into a total dream world.  I would often hear people say, "she lives in her own world" when describing me. It is true. I am a dreamer.  Like most imaginative little girls I dreamed of being a princess. My lists to Santa would include the things like a million ball gowns and tiaras. My husband on the other hand is Mr. Practical, but we often find balance admits our two worlds.  
I bet anyone could imagine how elated I am to be raising two little girls that love playing princess! My husband is the best sport to play the role of prince.  Dancing and singing are staple activities in our home; one might think we live in a musical.
While living in the south we were introduced to pageantry, but my husband didn't feel that they were practical, so we didn't participate.  I too held a certain contempt with the idea of judging children on their appearance, so I didn't push the issue.  But after moving to Arizona and getting to know many amazing people in the pageant circuits (and being a big girl who still loved to play princess) my mind was open to the idea of letting our oldest participate.  I won't ever forget the morning when Mr. Practical's world collided with our oldest's dream of prancing on stage.  I was putting on my makeup when Olive asked where I was going.  I explained that I would be photographing a pageant that weekend. Instantly she held her hands out as if to say, "Wait!" and said, "I will go get my dress!"  Then she ran to her room to get ready.  I just smiled and looked at my husband who was in a state of shock, and could not deny his little princess the opportunity to get a real live tiara.  We signed her up and the weekend was a blast of borrowed dresses and sweet smiles on stage.  Olive finished last in her division, but was awarded a real princess tiara: her dream come true!  The following year was filled with pageantry and fun.  Sashes and tiaras became part of our everyday attire.  I have to admit vacuuming is a lit more dignified when wearing a tiara, especially for a dreamer in the practical world cycle of hug, kiss, dishes, laundry, dust, vacuum and repeat...  
I know the never ending cycle of  housework, is a daunting task.  The fantasy world view doesn't factor in the practical needs of wiping snotty noses and wearing stained yoga pants.  My Cinderella story went in reverse. I met the man of my dreams, got married, and then began scrubbing floors on my hands and knees.  That is not how the world would write a story about a princess, but is how God wrote it.  Because even though I do not wear a tangible tiara everyday, I know that I have been adopted by the King of kings.  He has placed on my head a crown of love and compassion.  When I feel unimportant and emptied, He renews me and declares over me my royal status.  It is in the everyday acts of making lunches, helping with homework, and loving my family that He is glorified.  It may not come with a fancy title or paycheck with several zeros, but the job of motherhood is nothing less than regal.  So to all you mommies out there dig deep in that dress up box, put on that plastic tiara, and rock out the yoga pants to the beat of a roaring vacuum. Princess style!

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