Friday, January 6, 2017

Something Worth More Than Silver To Be Thankful For.

It has almost been a week since I started the challenge to find something unique to be thankful for each day this year. I can say that having an intentional agenda to find something and document it has been fun. I find that I look for it in the everyday and it has shown up in the most interesting places. Today, while shopping at Costco the unique treasure to be thankful for found me.

Costco is place that our family spends a lot of time in. They are opening one just minutes from my home and I can't wait. I have found the best deals there and it has become a staple place for us to shop on a strict grocery budget. Costco has become familiar to our whole family and exploring new products, and food samples make routine shopping a little more fun. We had goofed around in the store, tasted samples and loaded our cart. After check out we sat down in the foodcourt and opened up a a $4.99 rotisserie chicken (another thing to be thankful, because Costco has the best ones.)

While we were seated we watched as a woman prepared pizza's for the Friday evening rush. We were approached by a man who asked if he could give our girls a gift. I wish I had gotten the man's name or a photo of him with the girls, but I was just in awe of the simplicity of his request and the intentionality of his gift. He was dressed in a patch covered vest, a veterans hat, and he wore a gentle smile, framed by his silvery beard. We gave him the nod of approval and he said "Here this is older than you are," as he placed a Eisenhower dollar in each of our girls hands. Wonder filled the girls' eyes as they looked at the coins dated from 1976. Then he turned to my husband, Matt, who was wearing a Harley Davidson Shirt and asked, "What do you ride?" Matt responded that we didn't own a bike, but he did work for Harley Davidson. (Matt wants a bike and hopefully will be able to get one sooner than later.) The conversation continued when Matt in turn asked what he rode "A 2008, 1200 Custom." He replied. We only caught a couple more details about his son riding a 2003 Night Train, and then he was gone. His act of kindness was brief but deeply genuine, and a little bit magical. In my mind I keep thinking that he was almost Santa like, but Kansas City is quite a long way from the North Pole.
In my heart I know that he wasn't Santa, but his heart to give and his badge of service spoke volumes of how a little kindness goes a long way. His service to our country was more than enough to be thankful for. However it is the memory of a man who without prompting, or any desire for recognition entered our lives and touched our hearts with two silver dollars.
Today, day 6 of the challenge I am thankful for this man who showed kindness, gentleness, and grace to our family.

Day Six of Gratitude Challenge.

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