Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Resolutions Busted on Day One

Happy New Year! It's a fresh start and now we can work on all those areas in our life that we have neglected and procrastinated until this day January first. Except it is January first at 11;30 PM and I realize I have been putting off the obvious so long that I forgot to make a New Year's Resolution.

Every year I always set these outstanding goals for myself; they are all noble causes but the total Amber Make Over tends to crash and burn just a few weeks later. I occasionally make it to mid summer and I have to admit there have been some successful years like 2005.  That year my husband and I made a resolution to avoid all fried foods. We made it just over a year but I fell off the wagon when french fries were one of the few foods I could stomach during pregnancy. We also have obtained set goals like running (or jogging) a half marathon together which we completed in June of 2015.

Now keep in mind I would love to loose weight, reduce debt, become saintly, but for now I am going to challenge myself AND you to find 365 different things to be thankful for. That's only one a day, we can do this. SO here's the rules find time to document somewhere one unique thing everyday of the next year that you are thankful for.

The best part of this is that we don't have to feel bad about where we are now, deprive ourselves of things we enjoy or go on some crazy detox that labels chocolate public enemy number one. Just have a thankful heart and be willing to change things as your perspective changes. Refuse to focus on the negative and let the positive overflow into other areas of life. For example: I am a stress eater, and gratitude has a profound affect in reducing stress... Better stress management, less emotional face-stuffing...Let's see where this adventure leads.

Now there is nothing wrong with traditional resolutions, hats off to you and I would love to support you in anyway I can (go a head comment below and tell me your resolution.) Or let me know if you are joining me on this gratitude challenge!

Day one: I am thankful for extra caffeinated coffee, It helped keep me alert on a four hour, late night drive from Nebraska to home after the hustle and bustle of holiday celebrations.

Don't forget to follow my blog to see how I am doing.  Just in case you feel like really being awesome comment often, because words of affirmation are welcomed!!

Day One of Gratitude Challenge.

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