Tuesday, January 3, 2017

When Things Slow Down: Day Three of the Gratitude Challenge

Today I am thankful for finding time to be still.  I have the tendency to think that I can do more than a normal day will allow.  I tend to over schedule and usually push myself to the limits, or try to fix problems that I wasn't meant to fix.  So when today, when some of my plans that didn't work out I was able to find time to just be still.

It is in the still that we can meet the One who's plans never go wrong.  When we sit down and remove the distractions of life and focus on the Creator of it; then we are able to find joy in the worst of situations.

It is in those bad situations that life flies by at a cut throat pace and wants to drag you a long with it.  No one can run a marathon without pacing themselves, but there is an enemy that lies to us.  When we are distracted because we are trying to push ourselves at an unnatural pace we miss the simple joys that linger in being still.

In the still you can reflect, step back and see a greater picture.  What we can see with our limited perspective, doesn't scratch the surface of God's understanding.  When you slow down you see the little details that you would have missed otherwise.  It is then when you realize you can trust that the crummy situation isn't too big for the Mighty God you serve.

Day Three of Gratitude Challenge.

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