Monday, January 9, 2017

She's Singing Again

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When Olive was a four we had enrolled her in a dance class.  Ms. Grace, her dance teacher, ran a tight ship.  I have never seen a row of such behaved four years olds be so attentive.  Olive is a diehard rule keeper, so I was surprised when she started singing during the ballet segment of her class.  Ms. Grace cracked the door between the studio and parent waiting room to let me know she would need to speak to me after class.  My heart and mind raced like I had been called to the principal's office.  At the end of class I walked in to meet with Ms. Grace, braced myself for the worst, and was released to hear her compliment Olive's talent.  She recommended that we get her voice lessons and that we encourage her musically.

We thought voice lessons at such a young age was kind of extreme, but after careful consideration we hired a voice teacher.  Our reasoning was that the voice lessons would help prepare her for future piano lessons, by training her ear.  She was a natural, but her lessons were cut short when we moved to Wisconsin.  There she entered public school where she was able to take advantage of music class.

Olive is extremely talented in all things music, but rarely get's to exercise it since we have been homeschooling (I am musically challenged).  The local community has a children's choir and she went to a rehearsal today and had a great time.  She couldn't wait to tell her dad that she would be singing about Spider Man; he thought it was super cool too.

Today I am thankful for a new activity that my Olive can explore her musical talents.

Day Nine of Gratitude Challenge.


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