Sunday, January 8, 2017

Thankful for Much ❤️

Have you ever had one of those mornings in church when you were overwhelmed by God's love during worship? Today was one of those days.  It has been a long week and my heart has been heavy about a situation that I have no control over.  I feel as if I have found myself at sea in a great storm.  Most of the week I have been riding the waves, keeping my eyes on the one steady light in my life.  I am good at publicly holding it together, though my emotions and my thoughts have been rolling over me like great waves.  This week my prayer has been for God to exchange my thoughts for His, after all His are higher than mine.  It may seem silly, but I have literally had to pray, "Lord, take my thoughts captive, and help me trust you."

I am thankful that God is so gentle in bringing my focus back to Him.  I began to think about how I need to spend more time on my knees about this matter, but I also began to miss my ladies Bible study in WI. With them, I could be vulnerable, and this week I was getting weary of holding it together.  I could lay out the broken pieces of my heart and they would be the hands and comfort of Jesus.  They wouldn't try to fix the situation; they would be that friend that would sit across the table with a cup of coffee and say, "That sucks."  They would know that I didn't need to be reminded that God's in control, or that all things work for the good for those who love Him. They would just be there, and be the friend God called them to be.  They would pray with me, pray for me, and let God do the fixing.

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So many times we see a friend that is hurting or going through something unimaginable, and we often want to say or do something to fix it.  Honestly in our human capacity we don't have a strong enough glue to put together a broken heart.  There is nothing we can do to take away the hurt or injustice in this world; only God can take the brokenness, put it back together, and sculpt it into a more beautiful, stronger masterpiece.

Our bones grow stronger with the combination of stress and impact.  When we run, there are tiny breaks in our bones from the impact of the exercise.  The impact does a couple of things: it creates interstices, but also stimulates the body to grow new bone over them, making it stronger.  It sounds painful and it sometimes can be. When too much stress in placed on the bone, it can break, but when properly allowed to heal, a completely broken bone can become stronger than it was before.

During worship, today,  I felt like all the songs were God's voice saying, "I know right where you are and I got this.  I know the stress you are feeling and it's okay to be broken with me."  The release was freeing and though the pain of the situation is still there.  I held my hands up in surrender and I was reminded in my heart of His promises.  I could trust him to do the fighting for what is right, and the lesions in my heart would allow for Him to lay a layer of His stronger, more compassionate heart over mine.

God's comfort is real, but just incase I needed some earthly encouragement He put me on a friend's heart.  On my way home from church I received a text from one of my favorite gals back in WI, letting me know I was on her mind.  She dosn't know how my week has been, but her text was a huge hug sent from miles away, it read, ""Thinking of you! Much ❤️"

Day Eight of Gratitude Challenge.


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