Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Unpackaged Gratitude

I love receiving mail, real mail not the junk mail.  I really love getting packages.  This holiday season I did more online shopping than ever before.  Looking back I should have signed up for Amazon Prime, but that's another post sometime down the road.
I am a store shopper, but recently with the convergence of getting what I want delivered to my door with a click of the button has intrigued me.  I know I am a little late in the game to be an Amazon junkie, but I am impressed.  This must be the way women felt when they first came out with QVC and HSN.  But I think Amazon is so much better, because I don't have to listen to someone sell the product I can just search for what I want and click; it's on it was to me.
I know the packages are on there way. A tracking number is provided so I can stalk the parcels every move.  When it arrives, I feel get all giddy to open it.  It's the best, except when you open the package and what you thought you ordered isn't what you receive. Uhhhh!
This happened to me this week. I had ordered some "get healthy" equipment and that came with an excursive book.  When I opened the package the book was delivered but no equipment.  I was frustrated, but I called Amazon and they totally smoothed the issue out.
First they issued me a credit so that I could order the product directly through them, I should get it in the next day or two (still not a Primer yet.) Then contacted the seller and arranged a refund on the previous order.  Besides the inconvenience of waiting a couple more days for the new product the process was relatively painless.
So today I am thankful for Amazon!

Day Eleven of Gratitude Challenge.

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