Thursday, January 5, 2017

I Read, She Reads Truth, and I am Thankful for It

The holidays are always filled with family and this year I was excited to learn about some trendy things the young people (ok people my age too, because 35 isn't old) are enjoying!  Like nifty makeup sponges and crazy amazing mascara, but the trend I am most thankful for is the introduction of She Reads Truth.  It is an app that you can download which has all kinds of Bible reading plans, lock screen graphics and more.

I have other Bible apps, but this one is visually stimulating as well as spiritually inspiring.  You can choose reading plans based on your interest and also interact with other women reading the same plan.  It's pretty, full of Truth, and social; it's perfect for me!  For me this is the Bible reading app jackpot.

My day five gratitude Challenge is for the She Reads App.

If you want to join me I am reading the Psalms of Gratitude.

Day Five of Gratitude Challenge.

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